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Technology in finance is the concept making revolutionary changes in the Financial Industry. We envisaged this convergence of traditional financial services and FinTech, which prompted us to collaborate with NBFCs and eventually develop a technology-driven business model of NBFCs. By combining modern-day technology with NBFCs, we aim at connecting the things in finance that banks failed to connect. We utilize cutting edge technology which includes the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Machine learning tools to help NBFCs widen the horizon of their services.

About Us

Road Map

We all realise the fact that technology is changing the way we see the world and, it’s no longer a revelation that FinTechs are disrupting the traditional models of financial institutions. We aim at enhancing the workflow of NBFCs and help them retain the edge over other financial institutions.

NBFC Registration

We will help you navigate through the compliances and requirements of NBFC registration and prepare a workable plan for your NBFC.

Evolve NBFCs with Emerging Technologies

We use cutting-edge technology to help NBFCs evolve and make them more agile by solving the limitations of the banking and NBFC sectors.

Expand the Customer Base

Our eventual aim is to expand the customer base of NBFCs by offering them a technology-driven business model.

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  • Comprehensive NBFC Registration Process
  • Technology-driven Business Model
  • Experienced Team of Legal and Financial Advisors
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support Service

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What Our Client Is Saying

Wuhan Ching

Wuhan Ching


Right from NBFC consultation to Auditing Services, Fintechasia is a one stop shop for all your professional needs. They were very courteous and professional in their approach. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone seeking professional help

Tobby Carioca

Tobby Carioca


Fintechasia has provided me exceptional service when I consulted them for my NBFC business. From initial consultation to registering my NBFC business they were proficient and expert in their advice. I would highly recommend them for NBFC services.

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