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Driving Licence API

With the rise of vehicles in India, there will be more accidents due to negligence in following specific traffic regulations. Some individuals ride without a licence, and some are under aged. Due to this, there are a lot of accidents which lead to severe injuries which can be fatal. The road and transport authorities of India have become more digitised with driving regulations and other processes. There are various ride-hailing applications in India and the government want them to be regulated. Service providers must ensure that they are compliant with the driving regulations. These applications must check the authenticity of the drivers and ensure that there are no mismatches in the process. Our goal is to verify the identity of the person using the API, just like Aadhaar API; we use this for identity verification.

Scope of Driving Licence API Service

Fintechasia is the leading service provider of driving licence authentication/ API services the purposes of authentication of identity of users as per the traffic regulations in the country. Driving API acts in assisting the authentication process of customers. It will also help in verifying the identity of the user.

Why use Fintechasia Driving Licence API Service ?

  • Fintechasia Driving Licence API Service will help in authenticating the motorists/ users driving licences to verify legal government documents.
  • Importance of ensuring your consumers have a valid driving licence.
  • Get all the details of the individuals who are using the driving licence.
  • By using our validation service will provide you verified data of the following.

    • DL number.

    • Address of the individual.

    • Other details of the individual such as family details.

    • Blood Group of the individual.

  • If they are of a particular service provider, then we will consider having the details of the specific vehicles also.
  • Apart from the above following factors, using our service will provide a cost-effective solution to your business needs.

Service Process in Brief

The driving licence API process is straightforward and not complicated. The details of the driving licence, such as the driving licence number and date of birth, must be provided to the API maker. In such a case, the API will be the platform. After this process is complete, the consumer will receive the driving licence details which are verified.

Benefits of taking the Driving Licence API Service

  • IT service providers and other mobile-based application providers can use this service for their applications which use various means of transport- motor vehicles, bikes.
  • Instant verification of Driving Licence.
  • Hassle-free service- Consumers do not need to go to government offices for physical verification of their Driving Licence and other requirements.
  • Our service would provide end to end IT support for any software problems in your system.
  • More customers will be able to use your application due to easy verification purposes, indirectly increasing the reputation of your service.
  • Consumers use this service in bike hailing applications, delivery applications and mobile taxi applications.

Growth Opportunities

The purpose is to provide a tool to fintech companies /other companies that need such API to verify the identity document of the applicant if that document is a Driving Licence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main uses of driving licence API are:
  • • Authentication.
  • • Identification.
  • • Proof of Address.
It is not necessary to link your mobile application to driving licence; however it will make it easy for you to do business for the purposes of identification of individual user.

Why Choose Fintechasia?

By using Fintechasia service, your firm would get support related to the use of Aadhaar API services and authentication processes. By using Fintechasia service, you would get an initial consultation by industry experts and continued IT support to use.

  • Comprehensive NBFC Registration Process.
  • Technology-driven Business Model.
  • Experienced Team of Legal and Financial Advisors.
  • 24*7 Customer Support Service.

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