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HR Outsourcing Services

In a complex business environment, it is imperative to have a competitive edge over other businesses. Therefore many organizations and firms use the principle of outsourcing support services to firms that provide outsourcing. One of the support services is Human Resource outsourcing. To maximize the value of the business, this type of outsourcing is carried out by various organizations.
Human Resource outsourcing is a vast area and covers various processes under it. As organizations need to grow in value, they concentrate their significant goals on the core activities. These primary activities are for maximization of value of the business and profit. Small scale organizations like startups would not want to spend unnecessary expenditure on Human resources; hence this is outsourced to a firm that is into human resource outsourcing. Some large organizations also outsource their human resource function to outsourcing services providers. These outsourcing functions are carried out cause there are various specialist providers in this area.

Human Resources outsourcing covers the following:

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Human Resources Recruiting.
  • Human Resource Consulting.
  • Human Resource Compliance.

Scope of Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Fintechasia Human Resources Outsourcing is the leading Human Resource Outsourcing Firm in Asia. To achieve this, our team of expert Human Resource professionals have experience in handling the Human Resource needs of your organization.

Why use Fintechasia Human Resources Outsourcing Services?

  • This service can be used by various organizations including- Start-Ups, Mid Size Organisations and large organizations.
  • The Human resource outsourcing service will help in maximizing the value of your business by prioritizing the primary functions of the business
  • Reduced cost and expenses for your organization
  • Your business would not need to have an in house department for Human Resource Professionals
  • We would provide you the following services under the Human Resources Outsourcing Services:

    • Payroll Processing.

    • Recruiting Individuals in IT and Non IT Services.

    • International Human Resource Recruitment.

    • Labour Compliance Services.

    • Human Resource Audit Services.

    • Employee Audit Services.

    • Payroll – Tax and pension compliances.

    • Hiring for on Site contract services/ off-site contract services.

    • Conducting reference, background checks including various forms of criminal checks for the staff.

    • Sourcing staff to your organization.

    • Handling labour grievances.

    • Conducting recruitment process and interviews.

  • Initially, your organization can consider using our human resource outsourcing services to save time and cost.

Service Process in Brief

Go to Fintechasia website and provide us with information on the type of Human Resource Outsourcing Process you require according to the needs of your business .

Alternatively, you can contact us regarding this in the provided numbers .

One of our representatives will get back to you with the information .

Accordingly, we can decide the type of service you need to get the basis in the form of contract.

Our Services will include the following:

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Human Resource Consulting.

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Benefits of taking Human Resources Outsourcing Services

  • Outsourcing Human Resource services to us would help you concentrate on the primary needs of the business organization
  • You would not to spend expenses on having an in house human resource department
  • Our services are efficient as we maximize the value of your organization
  • Outsourcing these services would also help you consider a change in your business needs
  • Your organization can maximize customer satisfaction by providing services
  • Reduced costs by using the above services

Growth Opportunities

  • Your organization can grow by focussing on primary objectives of the business
  • Your organization can save time and expense by not having an in house HR team
  • Fintechasia will handle all complex problems faced by the employees of your organization such as grievances, labour and compliance-related issues.

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Wuhan Ching


Right from NBFC consultation to Auditing Services, Fintechasia is a one stop shop for all your professional needs. They were very courteous and professional in their approach. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone seeking professional help

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Tobby Carioca


Fintechasia has provided me exceptional service when I consulted them for my NBFC business. From initial consultation to registering my NBFC business they were proficient and expert in their advice. I would highly recommend them for NBFC services.

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