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NBFCs have emerged as an alternative to the traditional banking system over the last decade with immense involvement and contribution in the economy. The industry is growing at unprecedented rates and is expected to grow at the same pace and continue serving the underserved and often ignored retail and MSME segments, which are the backbone of India’s economic growth. RBI keeps a close vigil on NBFCs to stop any big NBFC from collapsing. NBFCs are also leveraging technological advancements in their operational framework to offer quick disbursal of loans and provide a seamless experience to its customers. The transparency granted by NBFCs to investors adds on to their credibility. Considering all the benefits offered by NBFCs, it would be a wise enough decision for investors to invest in NBFCs and expect good returns from the investment.

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NBFCs outperforming Banks

Over the past years, NBFCs have outperformed Banks and are expected to continue to do so in future as well. NBFCs offer financial services to the rural, weaker, and underserved sections of the economy, eventually enabling economic development. By adopting technological advancements, NBFCs are out there fielding more offers to its customers than Banks and changing the outlook of the finance sector.

The confluence of Technology and NBFCs

The convergence of NBFCs and FinTechs is disrupting the traditional banking system. NBFCs are addressing the problems customers face with their traditional counterparts by collaborating with FinTechs. Use of technology is enabling NBFCs to create a seamless experience for its clients which eventually is helping NBFCs to expand their customer base. The collaboration of FinTechs with NBFCs is allowing NBFCs to achieve efficient services by deploying technology in their day to day operations. NBFCs are embracing technological advancements and catering to modern financial needs of its clients. Investing in NBFC will garner excellent outcomes as long as NBFCs are putting in efforts to offer more user-friendly services and maintain their edge over the traditional banking system.

Future Scope of NBFCs

NBFCs are already playing a significant role in meeting the financial needs of individuals and businesses across the country. This sector is expected to grow at the same rate as it is catering to the needs of the population of the country that remained underserved by the Banks. Now, NBFCs are leveraging technology in their operations which is enhancing their workflow. NBFC sector has far-reaching implications on the inclusive development of the economy; that’s why this sector gets so much attention from the government. NBFCs definitely have a bright future in the years coming ahead. With the inclusion of technological advancements, NBFCs are expected to grow at unprecedented rates. Moreover, the government and the RBI are taking a lot of measures to help the NBFC sector.

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As per the Financial Stability Report, 2015, scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) have the highest exposure to NBFCs at 1927 billion INR, Which is followed by Asset Management Companies at 1,376 billion INR and the insurance companies at 1064 billion INR.
NBFCs are outperforming traditional banks by offering quick disbursal of loan and are expected to maintain the edge over Banks for the coming years. NBFCs are widely in demand as they are fulfilling the needs of underserved sections of society. Therefore, investing in NBFC will be profitable as NBFC sector is expected to continue to grow at unprecedented rates in the coming years.
NBFCs are leveraging technological advancements in their operational framework, eventually fulfilling the specific needs of a large audience. Collaboration with FinTechs has allowed NBFCs to offer more personalized and intuitive services.
The measures taken by RBI and the Government of India include allowing banks to provide partial credit enhancements to bonds issued by NBFCs, relaxing the minimum holding period to encourage loan securitization. Moreover, RBI keeps a close vigil on top 50 NBFCs to stop any big NBFC from collapsing.

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