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Legal Assistance for NBFC

Many NBFC's are coming up in India, replacing the traditional banking model. With the number of NBFC increasing, there are a lot of legal and regulatory challenges facing this sector. Fintechasia legal assistance service is for NBFC to resolve various legal issues that arise in setting up an NBFC. Our legal assistance service will not just stop at the registration phase of the NBFC, but it will also cover future legal issues that affect your NBFC

Scope of Legal Assistance for NBFC Service

Fintechasia main goal is one of the first organisations to provide NBFC legal support services. This service also includes support services after your NBFC has been set up and running smoothly. From the stage of registration of the NBFC to investment in an NBFC, there will be various regulatory and legal issues that come up.

Some of the legal service requirement that arises in the NBFC:

  • Legal Complications for NBFC RBI Approval
  • Compliance with laws related to Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Securities Laws, Income Tax Laws, Information Technology Laws and any other regulations that affect your NBFC.
  • End to end documentation support
  • Penalty/ Contravention support
  • Litigation Support
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Governance Issues
  • Any other legal related issues that affect your business

For us to evolve constantly and develop our expertise, we will provide all the above support services.

Why Use Fintechasia’s Legal Support Service?

Using our Legal Assistance service will provide you with constant Monitoring of legal challenges faced by your NBFC. Our team of expert Lawyers and Company Secretaries have experience in handling legal matters regarding NBFC. Our legal assistance service will take care of all the legal challenges faced by the NBFC.

Service Process in Brief

  • Registering an NBFC in Compliance with the Companies Act 2013/ Companies Act 1956 and the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934 while incorporating a private limited or public limited company.
  • Processing the documentation with the Reserve Bank of India
  • Preventing from the filing of wrong Information/ Documentation that will cause a delay in registration of the NBFC
  • Compliance Monitoring after the formation of the NBFC – which are done quarterly, half-yearly or during the end of the year compliance
  • If the NBFC has a partnership/ collaboration agreement with a Fintech start-up- then our service will also involve vetting the partnership/ collaboration agreement to avoid various legal and regulatory challenges.
  • Any issues related to privacy and data protection
  • Legal Representation before any authority such as the Reserve Bank of India in case of any form of contravention
  • Legal Representation before the company law board/income tax authority or any other concerned regulatory authority

Benefits of taking Legal Assistance for NBFC Service

  • Taking our service would provide you end to end legal support for all the NBFC needs
  • Immediate legal advice and litigation support
  • Our team of experienced lawyers and company secretaries can give you 24/7 support regarding regulatory needs
  • Hassle-Free legal advice
  • Retainer based legal advice which can be renewed every year. The following are the retainer services offered

    • Retainer per unit

    • Retainer per case

    • Project Assistant Model

Growth Opportunities

By taking this service, Fintechasia will help you handle all the legal and regulatory issues daily. As an NBFC business, the priorities would be in the activities related to public benefit. Fintechasia will handle all your legal and regulatory problems, and as an NBFC, you can manage microfinance based activities. In future, if there are any legal issues, your NBFC would not have to consult any other corporate law firm which would be a costly affair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Assistance for NBFC covers the following:
  • • Registration
  • • Compliance
  • • Liaising with RBI
  • • Monetary Norms
  • • Tax Assistance
Yes, it is important to take legal advice before starting/ registering an NBFC. This would reduce the potential issues which your business/ organisation would face.

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Wuhan Ching

Wuhan Ching


Right from NBFC consultation to Auditing Services, Fintechasia is a one stop shop for all your professional needs. They were very courteous and professional in their approach. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone seeking professional help

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Tobby Carioca


Fintechasia has provided me exceptional service when I consulted them for my NBFC business. From initial consultation to registering my NBFC business they were proficient and expert in their advice. I would highly recommend them for NBFC services.

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