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Management Audit Service

In today's time, there is a requirement of a competitive edge for a business to sustain. A good business structure would have some form of governance policies that affect the system. Without having proper management structures and planning, the organisation would face a lot of challenges in this day. To handle the problems in this scenario, there is a requirement of a proper Management Audit which will affect the day to day progress of the organisation. In other words, management audit deals with adequate internal controls with the policies that affect the organisation. There is a requirement of a risk management process, also when it comes to having effective management audit services.
Organisations should have proper systems in place to control the management. In other words, there is a need for the requirement of an appropriate corporate governance system. Corporate Governance is a process that determines the relationship between the board members, shareholders and stakeholders of the company. Having good corporate governance practices will ensure that the organisation has an efficient system of management audit service.

Management Audit consists of the following:

  • Good internal audit controls in the organisation
  • Reviewing the current management practices that affect the organisation
  • Having proper systems in place that control the compliance and regulation of the organisation
  • Corporate Governance under the Companies Act 2013, Sarbanes Oxley Act and any other laws that affect the reporting norms of organisations to Securities Exchange Board of India and Securities Exchange Commission
  • Reviewing the management of the organisation
  • Advice on various management systems that are used by multiple organisations
  • Checking the financial controls of the organisation
  • Compliance requirement of the organisation
  • Any other considerations that will help in considering management audit services of the organisation.

Scope of Management Audit Service

Fintechasia’s is the leading management audit service provider in Asia. To achieve this, our team of expert professionals have experience in the field of accounting, finance, law and other areas to assist in management audit functions.

Why use Fintechasia Management Audit Services?

  • Using Fintechasia Management Audit service would allow you to prioritise your business goals
  • Our management audit service will provide you expertise function at a minimum cost Our service will also provide consultation of the management policies that have to be followed for a sound corporate governance system
  • We will ensure that your management complies with all the reporting norms as per the laws of the land
  • Having good management practices through management audit will improve the profits of your organisation, indirectly increasing the reputation among your customers
  • Our services will also provide a comprehensive report on your company management structure
  • It will make your strategies and internal controls in line with the goals of the organisation

Service Process in Brief

  • Provide us with information about your organisation
  • One of our professionals will get back regarding your management audit requirements
  • After you decide with the requirements, we can start providing the services for your organisation

Benefits of taking Management Audit Services

  • Saves time and expense
  • Proper controls over internal management
  • Corporate Governance Compliance Support
  • Your business can concentrate on growth which is one of the main aspirations
  • Mitigating risks to achieve optimum efficiency
  • Growth and development opportunities of the organisation
  • Increased reputation by having proper corporate governance policies by your organisation.

Growth Opportunities

  • Your business reputation will increase in the minds of your clients
  • Your business can take an informed decision regarding management strategies and policies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Management audit means checking the internal controls in an organisation to ensure there is compliance with standards. This also involves corporate governance of an organisation.
Corporate governance is considered as maintaining standards of transparency between the shareholders, stakeholders and the employees of an organisation. Management audit is similar to corporate governance which involves checking internal controls in an organisation.

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Right from NBFC consultation to Auditing Services, Fintechasia is a one stop shop for all your professional needs. They were very courteous and professional in their approach. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone seeking professional help

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Tobby Carioca


Fintechasia has provided me exceptional service when I consulted them for my NBFC business. From initial consultation to registering my NBFC business they were proficient and expert in their advice. I would highly recommend them for NBFC services.

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