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PAN is an abbreviation used for Permanent Account Number. The government issues this document for individuals for payment of income tax. PAN is given to individuals and corporate. This is to pay income tax. With digitization and development of information technology, various companies and services have started verification /authentication of PAN Card. Like the Aadhaar number, the PAN Card is also used for identity verification for an individual and a corporate.
Due to the shift in technological developments, some processes are applicable to government documentation. To avoid counterfeit and fake PAN cards, the verification/ authentication process was brought out by various internet service providers. Verification of PAN card forms a one-step process, and the Income Tax Department has allowed PAN API to be verified by multiple organizations/ government entities including the National Securities Depository Limited.

Scope of PAN API Service

Fintechasia goal is to sell PAN API to be used by the client to verify the identity and authentication of PAN of people who are applicants for loan or job or any other purpose.

Why use Fintechasia PAN Card API Service?

  • Using Fintechasia PAN Card API Service would provide your business/ company with the methods of integrating PAN Card API.
  • Our service will provide advice on Income Tax Department verification processes.
  • By using our service, it would eliminate the traditional methods of document verification processes.
  • This will reduce time and expense regarding the verification process.
  • Rules on e-governance service regarding PAN API verification.
  • Provide relevant information regarding NSDL e-Governance which has been authorized by the Income Tax Department to provide which and all entities benefit from the verification process.
  • Compliance regarding PAN verification processes are followed by various government organizations and companies thus digitizing the process and reducing time and expense.
  • Apart from this PAN API verification can also be used for confirmation.
  • We will also provide any IT updates and software services for the process of PAN API.

Service Process in Brief

PAN card can be verified in 3 ways

  • File-Based PAN Card Verification.
  • Screen-Based PAN Card Verification.
  • Software Based (API) Verification.

(1) Screen-based Verification:

The Users, after login to the Tax Information Network (TIN) website ( / login / Pan Verification) of NSDL, can key-in up to a maximum of five PANs in the screen. The PANs may be entered in the boxes provided in the screen and then submitted. The response giving details of PAN will be displayed in the response screen.

(2) File-based Verification:

The Users, after login to TIN website ( / login / Pan Verification) of NSDL, can upload a file containing a maximum of 200 PANs (file structure as specified by NSDL). Within 24 hours, a response file containing details of the PANs will be made available to the user. In case, file format is incorrect; the rejection will be made available within 24 hours. The Users can download the response at any time as per their convenience up to 15 days, by login at the given website link.

(3) Software [Application Programming Interface (API)] based PAN verification:

The facility is an interface that allows the user to make an online verification of PAN by accessing the verification-site through a software application. The user would be provided with the URL for this purpose.

Using the software services is quicker and immediate authentication when compared to screen-based verification and file-based verification. This can also be used in mobile applications.

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  • First, the customer has to share the PAN Number.
  • AadhaarAPI technology pushes the fetched details to PAN Central Database for validation.
  • In return, the response is the name of the PAN Cardholder, the activation status and the last modified date.

Alternatively, the PAN Card can be verified through the following process in the income tax website.

Benefits of taking PAN API Service

  • Reduce documentation work for users.
  • Our service will reduce the time and expense in the processes.
  • Detailed processes of verification will be provided by us.
  • End to end IT support mechanisms will also be provided by availing this service.

Growth Opportunities

  • More consumer recognition when individuals use the application made by your company/ IT firm
  • Consumer recognition will indirectly affect the reputation of the company

Frequently Asked Questions

PAN card is the document used for paying tax. It is also used for verification of identity of the tax payer. The Income Tax Department has allowed linking PAN Card for the purposes of verification and tax payment status.
Yes it is mandatory to link PAN card for a mobile application / software application for the purposes of verification of identity.
Apart from tax purposes, the PAN card can also be used as a document for considering the identity of the individual.

Why Choose Fintechasia?

By using Fintechasia service, your firm would get support related to the use of Aadhaar API services and authentication processes. By using Fintechasia service, you would get an initial consultation by industry experts and continued IT support to use.

  • Comprehensive NBFC Registration Process.
  • Technology-driven Business Model.
  • Experienced Team of Legal and Financial Advisors.
  • 24*7 Customer Support Service.

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Fintechasia has provided me exceptional service when I consulted them for my NBFC business. From initial consultation to registering my NBFC business they were proficient and expert in their advice. I would highly recommend them for NBFC services.

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